We made it back to Schlitterbahn in New Braunfels this year.  Every Summer for the past 25 years, the Merrell family has made the annual trek to Central Texas.  We've taken our kids when they were still wearing swim diapers, and we continue to go as a family (plus a few others) even as some are in their twenties now.  The time we spend at the three properties that make up this New Braunfels waterpark is one of our highlights of the year.

That string of visits was broken last year.  COVID reared its ugly head and much of the world shut down or was drastically altered, including Schlitterbahn in 2020.  Our Merrell Schlitterbahn streak was no more.

Last week, we made it back to Schlitterbahn.  For the most part, all was pretty much the same as it was when we last ventured there in 2019.  Masks were suggested for those that had not been vaccinated against COVID-19, but no major enforcement was going on.  Also, the park rides officially opened at 11, instead of at 10.  We still got there half an hour early and set up our coolers and towels at a covered picnic table and then got in line for the Dragon's Revenge.  The ride wasn't running yet, but we didn't want to wait for the line to get too long.


It was now 11 a.m., Schlitterbahn was officially open, and a welcoming message played over the speakers, and at the end of that message, the National Anthem was played. This had never happened in the 25 previous years that we had been there.  Every lifeguard and Schlitterbahn employee stood at attention with head uncovered and hand on heart.  Everyone in our line did the same.

How wonderful.  How beautiful.  How respectful it was.

A group called Cedar Fair Entertainment Company purchased Schlitterbahn Waterparks a few years ago. I was concerned what changes, if any, they would bring to our favorite waterpark.  For this change...I say a huge patriotic THANK YOU!


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