Drive through the streets of Huntington, Texas and what do you see?  Maybe that's the wrong question to ask.  You'll definitely see rows and rows of Stars and Stripes.  I think the better question to ask is drive through the streets of Huntington and what do you feel?  

For me, and I'm sure for many others, it's a heart-swelling sense of American pride.  Yeah, we've got our problems in the land of the free and brave, but in Huntington, showing patriotism and giving thanks to those that have stood and fought for our freedom is not one of those problems.

From the businesses and students who put out the hundreds upon hundreds of flags, to the organizers of one of the best Veteran's Day parades in the region, to the staff and students of Huntington ISD who for 22 years have gone above and beyond with their Veteran's Day Program, this community is to be commended for their dedicated service to our soldiers and to our country.

This is certainly not to overshadow what other cities and organizations in our area do for Veterans Day.  The Honor America Night in Lufkin is top notch, the Nacogdoches Veterans Day Parade is outstanding, and numerous schools throughout the Pineywoods put on programs for those that have served, but having had the privilege over the past decade and a half to emcee the Huntington program, I can give a first hand account of the wonderful things I experience there.

I was able to take a few pictures of some of the 2017 Veteran's Day program and those are included above.



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