As summer is about to draw to a close, the time has come to start thinking about filling out your kids' school supplies, especially with a tax-free weekend approaching in the very near future. It's always a hassle traveling to three or four different stores trying to find everything on your list. So here at KICKS 105, we've compiled a list of five stores in Lufkin and Nacogdoches, where you can get everything you possibly need and one stop!

1. Walmart


Walmart is a big vendor in the school supplies department, and always has good back to school sales.

One amazing set Walmart is offering this season is 'back to school bundles', featuring a backpack (with your choice of color), along with a pack of glue sticks, erasers, colored pencils, crayons, No. 2 pencils, a spiral, notebook paper and scissors...all for only $20! This deal is way too good to pass up.
Walmart is also running a "School Essentials at A+ Pricing" campaign, where you can buy those back to school clothes for less than $10 per garment. School uniform bundles are also a hot deal right now, offering four polo shirts for girls or boys in a variety of colors for $20.

2. Target


Target has kicked off school supplies sales early this year, and if you make it up to the store July 24-30, it is guaranteed you will hit all the best sales. Offering notebooks for $0.99 each, and backpacks starting at $10 there is no way you can leave disappointed.

Target also focuses on the older crowd, offering a 'back to college check list' for those going off to colleges in the fall. The check list includes everything from bedspreads and lamps, to utensils and toasters. If you subscribe to the Target catalogue through the store, you receive catalogues each month with weekly deals and coupons!

3. Terrific Teachers' Treasures, Inc.

Terrific Teachers' Treasures is located on 4415 North Street in Nacogdoches, Tx. This school and office supply store not only has a wide variety of supplies to pick from, but also has a lamination station and copy machine.
While it does offer necessary school supplies for kids, this store is the prime place for teachers to purchase their school material as well. Terrific Teachers' Treasures offers teacher tools that aren't often found in department stores, and the establishment is happy to order anything a customer needs that is not currently stocked in the store.

4. Brookshire Brothers


In addition to getting the much needed notebooks and pencils at our friendly neighborhood Brookshire Brothers stores, the franchise also offers great food to pack for lunch during the school year.

With every lunch box need you might have, Brookshire Brothers has got it. Brookshire Brothers Recipe Swap even offers a delicious recipe for 'Back to School PB & J Bars'! Taking less than an hour and requiring NO cooking, anyone can manage to whip up some of these yummy treats!

You can check out Brookshire Brothers Online and print off coupons right from your home computer to bring into the store and save some cash!

5. Office Depot

Office Depot is seriously cutting back prices this year during their annual back to school sale. Offering hand held pencil sharpeners for only $0.01 each (that's right, ONE PENNY!), and poly folders for $0.50 each, this store will definitely save you big bucks.
Office Depot has everything that will fit your back to school needs, and even has a copy station in the back of the store for customer use. If you are in need of a graphing calculator for those tough math classes, you can swing by the store and pick one up for as low as $49.99.
If there is a school supply you can't find in the store (which is vary rare), not to worry! You can order it online and have it shipped directly to you before school starts.

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