Any luck yet?

The archery season for white-tailed deer is on now, after kicking off September 28th in all 238 counties in Texas.  It is archery only right now, and that will be the case through November 1st.  Click through to see more about the general deer season in Texas.

On November 2nd, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept says the general deer season will kick off in 212 counties and run through January 5th.  The season will kick off on the same day for 38 more counties in South Texas, and will run through January 19th. Angelina County and Nacogdoches County are in the group that will have deer season from November 2nd to January 5th.

There's a Youth Only weekend planned for October 26th and 27th, and that will happen again in January, to encourage teenagers and younger kids to take up the sport of hunting.

Don't forget the license!  And good luck.


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