You may have been driving through familiar roads, and noticed that the Fireworks stands are open for business. If you're confused about that, you're in for a lesson in Texas education.

March 2nd is Texas Independence Day ya'll!

March 2nd rolls around every year, and we want to know who all celebrates the momentous occasion when 59 people signed a piece of paper that created the Republic of Texas.

Texas State Flag painted on brick wall
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That piece of paper was the Texas Declaration of Independence by the way.

Now although we aren't officially a part of Mexico, we're glad things have gone smoothly with our neighbors to the South. I can't speak for everyone, but I for one and happy a large chunk of Texas has re-embraced the Mexican culture, allowing for a blend that gives us way more than just Tex-Mex food.

With little research under my belt about the day, there very well could be some bad blood mentioning the holiday, but with the fireworks stands ready to sell us rockets and sparklers, I don't see why this isn't as good a reason as any to hang out with good friends, fire up the grill, and put on a light display in the sky.

Roast beef meat and fat shaped as Texas.(series)
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I leave you with three more very important thoughts;

1. We're not sure if they open back up for Cinco De Mayo, so we might as well stock up now.

2. This also opens a lot of doors for April  Fools' Day pranksters. Be careful out there!

3. Pet owners be ready with a plan keep your furry friends safe. (Neighbors be mindful)

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