Kansas City thinks it has great barbecue and a great football team.  Here's why the Houston Texans are about to kick that to the curb.

NFL playoff weekends are great aren't they?  It's a little bit about the football games, and a lot about the food, the sports bars, trash talking with your friends, and the friendly wagers.  The Chiefs started out the week as a 3-point favorite against the Texans, but that's a bunch of hooey.  Take that, Vegas oddsmakers.  Consider the hooey!

Anything can happen in the playoffs.  It's a new season and a clean slate, and it comes down to attitude.  The Texans have JJ Watt.  That guy is a beast that just hit a new milestone.  He's one of two players to register at least 15 sacks in three of his first five NFL seasons.  The other one was the legendary Reggie White.  Nice work JJ.  Did you know he eats between 6000 and 9000 calories per day?  How awesome would that be.  We'll eat 6000 calories watching the playoffs this weekend.

The Texans have won 4 in a row and the Chiefs have won 11 in a row.  So they're pretty good; we'll give them that.  (Insert your own emoji wink here.)  The 9-7 Texans will have home field advantage with the higher seed, even though the Chiefs have a better record at 11-5. Home field can be huge.

Guts and heart, JJ Watt, and home field advantage are the top three reasons why the Texans can beat the Chiefs on Saturday at 3:30.  And then we can talk about who has the better BBQ, Kansas City or Texas.  JJ Watt's favorite barbecue joint is a place called Killen's Barbecue, which was named one of the Top 5 barbecue joints by the Food Network.  We think we'll side with JJ.

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