Being in a livable forest you see log trucks going down the highway every day. Being behind one of them in traffic and something bad happening is one of my worst fears.

No load can shift like a load of logs, and the truckers that drive them respect those loads more than we do. Many truckers have died from logs shifting in their direction during crashes or sudden stops.

One of those logs coming off of the bolsters and hitting cars is actually pretty rare so it might be an irrational fear, but we all have it. This accident in the Homer area between Lufkin and Huntington has done nothing to quell those fears.

Photo Provided by Matt Townsend via Facebook
Photos Provided by Matt Townsend via Facebook

Log Enters Though Front Windshield During Accident in Lufkin, Texas

The accident took place right next to the Homer Mini Mart on US-69 and FM326. According to the Lufkin Daily News Kimberly Snider of Huntington was taken to Woodland Heights Medical Center for treatment.

She was the driver of the 2014 Deep Cherry Red Crystal Pearlcoat Jeep Cherokee. It got a log right through the windshield in the accident.

Lucky for Snider it entered through the passenger side and exited via the driver's side passenger window. It narrowly missed hitting her, though she was still injured.

Log Truck Accident Still Under Investigation in Homer, Texas

The Texas Department of Public Safety is still investigating this accident. After the log hit the first car, a 2018 Jeep collided with the 2014 Jeep SUV driven by Snider.

That driver and her three-year-old daughter were unharmed. The driver of the log truck was also uninjured.

Four very lucky people in all.

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