If you're a fan of good food and the Zac Brown Band- you're in luck! Brown, the lead singer of the band, has plans to make the concert experience last even longer for his fans.

Zac Brown Band

"We eventually want to roll in and feed everybody," says the onetime restaurateur.

The band travels with a customized 53-foot cooking trailer, like a food truck on steroids. Before a show, the band members may host a pre-show eat 'n' greet for 200 to 250 fans, friends and local VIPs.

And he doesn't just stop there. He said he eventually wants to take over concession stands at all the venues he'll be playing at.

"Ninety percent of the people who come to a show go out to dinner, too," says chef Rusty Hamlin, whose 10-person crew fixes 640 meals a day on the road. "Why not bring it all together?"

The band greets all the diners as though in a receiving line at a wedding, then sits down and joins them for dinner.

"The idea is to make the concert experience full-sensory and to make everyone really feel like they got their money's worth," Brown says.

What do you think of his idea? What would be your ultimate meal cooked by Zac Brown?

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