There’s one single treat in the history of all candy deliciousness that makes us feel so torn. Candy corn -- we hate to love it and love to hate it. How is it possible it can taste so bad, yet be so irresistible? It’s a Halloween trick AND treat. (See what we did there?)

We can’t help but be drawn to this emotionally manipulative seasonal treat, even if that involves making it completely inedible with lots of glue and duct tape. We want you to find a place in your Halloween-loving hearts for it, too. That’s why we’ve discovered the 10 easiest ways to make candy corn both deliciously awesome and craft-savvy cool, so you don't even have to eat it to enjoy it.


Mason Jar Halloween

Add a fancy-schmancy touch of Halloween to your festive decor with these adorable (and super easy) candy-filled mason jars. Simply put a tea light at the bottom of the glass, add in enough candy corn so the candle is anchored in place, and light up that Martha Stewart-esque creation! It’ll look like a million bucks, when in reality, it takes approximately 30 seconds to make. Keep that on the DL.



There are few things more drool-inducing than the words homemade and chocolate. When the two are combined, we drool so much it’s actually kind of a problem. These homemade Butterfinger bars are anything but problematic! This recipe is essentially fool-proof, and it only involves three ingredients-- candy corn, peanut butter and chocolate chips. That’s it! Who knew candy corn could taste like sweet, sweet heaven instead of sugar and crayons melted together?


Candy Corn Pumpkin

Are you one of those super intense Halloweeners who gets really into carving Jack-o’-Lanterns? We’ve discovered the ultimate way to amp up your pumpkin-carving game. Don’t be intimidated just yet; this project only requires a lot of candy corn, a hot glue gun and a boatload of patience. Dab a little glue on the bottom of the candy, stick on the pumpkin and repeat until the entire thing is covered. Tackle this craft on a day when you have nothing better to do.


Candy Corn Cocktail
For all of you 21+ candy corn skeptics, we have discovered the tastiest way to sip on some sweet and delicious corny goodness. Say hello to the Candy Corn Cocktail. This is yet another recipe that involves few ingredients--vodka, candy corn, pineapple juice and ice-- so there’s really little-to-no effort involved in making the mixed drink, which is good because after drink three things get tricky. It does involve a few hours of alcohol-infusion action though, so make sure you Halloween partiers plan accordingly.


Bone Bracelet

Thinking about dressing up as a Flintstone this year? What about a cavewomen? Heck, this could even work for one of those half-dead skeleton princess costumes! Or you could be diabetes! Health epidemic = scaaaaary!!! Using a needle and elastic thread, simply string together a bunch of candy corn so it fits around your wrist. Tie the two ends together when you’ve threaded enough candy, and you have an awesome bracelet that looks like it’s made out of the teeth of a dinosaur with terrible dental hygiene.


Candy Corn Trail Mix

Believe it or not, the most delicious Halloween-inspired trail mix is just a bag of candy corn and a handful of raw peanuts away. While this easy-peasy recipe calls for untampered candy corn (which is virtually inedible to most of us), the tastiness of the peanuts cut out all grossness. Trust us, this nutty and sweet combo is a whole new level of autumn yumminess.


Candy Corn Wreath

If ingesting candy corn in any capacity is just out of the question for you, spiff up your doorway with a festive and sugary wreathe! Purchase a cheap styrofoam wreath from any art store, wrap it in black duct tape, and glue on as many sweet niblets as you desire. It’s simple, easy and it eliminates all possibilities of eating even the slightest bit of candy corn.


Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs

We’re big fans of eating but not so much of complicated creation processes. That’s exactly why we’re incredibly excited to have discovered Candy Corn Pretzel Hugs. Put a Hershey’s Hug on top of a miniature pretzel round, place it in a hot oven or microwave for about a minute (or until the chocolate begins to melt), stick a piece of candy corn on top, and let it cool. This recipe is so simple, we have to wonder how the heck it turns out so delicious! Oh, but it is. Just trust us on this one.


Candy Corn Ornament

There’s a 99% chance leftover, stale candy corn will be in abundance after Halloween, so why not use the stuff for some awesome holiday decorations? The candy corn ornament is probably the easiest way to bring a little spook factor to the upcoming season. Just fill up a clear plastic ornament with candy corn, add a ribbon at the top and you creative folks have the world’s easiest tree decor. Plus you won’t feel bad for throwing out the ten pounds of sugary stuff the trick-or-treaters refused to take.


Candy Corn Bark

Our last candy-corn-turned-edible recipe might seem a bit complicated at first, but stick with us on this one, because it’s awesome and effortless. Melt some white chocolate in the microwave, and pour it onto a non-stick surface. Sprinkle some chocolate chips, candy corn and peanuts on top, and that’s it! Well, you do have to pop that baby in the fridge for about 20 minutes to cool, but once it hardens, go to town on this drool-worthy treat.