Some 10-year old girls are content playing with dolls and apps, but this Texas sharp-shooter decided to use her spare time to hunt down a 13-foot alligator.  Here's how it happened.

Ella Hawk and her dad went on a hunt in the Guadalupe River in South Texas, and the Victoria Advocate says Ella watched the gator wading in the river about 15 yards away before she took her shot.  Her dad told the newspaper the first shot with the crossbow was the kill shot, and landed right above the gator's eyes.  No problem for Ella.

The 13-foot gator was big enough to rank #1 in Trophy Game Records of the World's database. They're based in Kerrville.

Wouldn't you be freaked out coming that close to an alligator that was more than twice your own length?  Um, yes.  But maybe not if you're a 10-year old superhero with nerves of steel, armed with a crossbow.  How many 10-year olds even know how to fire a crossbow?

Watch out deer in South Texas.  You may be next.


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