Sometimes crimes go unsolved; it's just the nature of police work. That is not the case in this recent Deep East Texas Crime Stoppers feature.

The grainy convenience store video of a man exposing himself was enough for anonymous tipsters to identify him. The investigating detective is working now to obtain the arrest warrant.

Only the first, most correct tip receives the reward in these cases. If you think that was you, follow up at or their app.

Crime Stoppers Has Another Convenience Store Crime For You To Solve

Since you guys made a fast job of finding him, Crime Stoppers has followed up with another convenience store "spot the crook" search.

Instead of shoplifting merchandise from the store, this thief stole the clerk's personal phone right off of the counter. This went down on June 2nd, 2022 at the Tobacco Barn on North Timberland Drive in Lufkin.

There are some very clear pictures of this offender taking the phone. The security cameras did their job, and now it's your turn.

See If You Can Identify This Thief From The Video

The video released from Crime Stoppers is a series of still pictures that plainly show the man taking the phone right off of the counter. This time the video is a little different.

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They have set it to music, and well it just slaps. If they find this guy, I think he should have to put an apology rap together for the clerk set to the beat from this YouTube video.

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