That is the age when men are their most romantic, at least according to a survey conducted by Warner Leisure Hotels. 

Young men in their late teens and twenties may go out on many more dates and have more opportunities for romance than their older counterparts, but, in this case, wiser wins the day.

According to the study, only around 25% of men between 20-25 years of age have surprised a significant other with perfume, chocolates, or flowers, while over half of men over 50 have done the same in the recent past.  Plus, us older guys are more apt to organize a candlelit dinner or a special night on the town.

The percentages go sky high for older gentlemen who say that they would never leave the house without first giving their wives a kiss.

So, ladies, what does your experience (so far) tell you?  Do the older guys have a leg up on the younger guys when it comes to romance?

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