The Lufkin Police Department is on the lookout for a man suspected of trying to rob a woman in her car yesterday.



ATTEMPTED ROBBERY: A woman reported that a man attempted to rob her while she was stopped at a red light at South First Street at South Medford Drive around 6:15 p.m. yesterday.

When she first stopped at the light, she said, she noticed movement to her left, but didn't think anything of it due to there frequently being homeless people under the overpass. She said a black male with a short, scruffy gray beard, wearing a tan jacket moved quickly toward her vehicle and opened her driver's side door. He then demanded money from her. She struggled to close the door, but the light turned green, allowing her to drive away. When she drove forward, it forced the man to let go of the door.

We would like to remind everyone to lock their vehicle doors. If you see anyone who fits this description (likely a homeless man who is going to frequent that area), please call the Department immediately at 936-633-0356.

This happened in the area around Lufkin near the Azalea Trail, the nearly 1.9 trail that runs under South First Street runs between Grace Dunne Richardson Park to Kiwanis Park. The crimes in this area are usually of a personal level, and happen to unsuspecting vulnerable members of our community.

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Anytime you go to the Lufkin Mall, or any of the businesses along that route please be on the defensive, lock doors, be alert and ready. We can fall into a false sense of security being in what is thought of as relatively safe town. When you are in Houston, you don't feel super safe. You take extra precautions, just like you should in this area of Lufkin. Keep your doors locked, and eyes open.

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