Ok, keeping breakfast exciting for the entire family can be challenging.  I'm good with chorizo and egg taquitos, but that's me.  Here is something I decided to try for breakfast this morning and it turned out pretty tasty.Bacon pancakes...  no chopping necessary.  here is how I did it.

1.  Prepare the bacon as you normally would.  At my house, we generally cook the bacon in the oven for 40 minutes at 350 degrees.  place on a cookie sheet that is covered with 2 layers of paper towels and the grease is drawn away from the bacon as it cooks.

2.  Place the cooked bacon on a hot griddle and cover with pancake batter and cook as you normally would.

It's really is that simple!  With or without syrup, at the table or on the run.  If you have any other ideas for a quick and easy breakfast let me know.  I'd love to try them.




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