Lufkin ISD is offering lunch and breakfast meal pick ups at 7 different campuses through April 3rd.  The pick up will take place from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm. This time window will be the only time that kids will be provided a hot lunch and breakfast items for students to have breakfast food for the next morning. Meals will be served through pick-up only. Students age 18 and under must be present to receive the meals.

Feeding Locations:

  • Lufkin High School 309 S. Medford Dr.
  • Lufkin Middle School 900 E. Denman Ave.
  • Brandon Elementary 1612 Sayers St.
  • Coston Elementary 707 Trenton St.
  • Herty Primary 2804 Paul Ave.
  • Slack Elementary 1305 Fuller Springs Dr.
  • Trout Primary 1014 Allendale Dr.
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