Don't worry folks, not by force...

The Poley Mountain ski hill outside of Sussex, New Brunswick, in Canada is having a little problem. Specifically, there’s a problem with beavers at the ski resort. Ski resorts don’t seem like a place for beavers to hang out, but at Poley Mountain, the water used to power the snow machines is stored in a retention pond. That’s where the beavers come into play. Beavers have taken over Poley Mountain ski hill’s water retention pond, and are using their dams to block off the water siphoning pipes!“You can have it fine 1 minute, and an hour later it would be plugged up again solid,” said Poley Mountain manager Jamie Hare. ”And the problem is, now we’re getting a coat of ice over our pond so it’s hard for us to work … and they can work underneath the ice. We had it all cleaned out once, but they moved back in. So we knew it was kind of useless for us to do it again. The Canadian beaver — not lazy. That’s my perception of beavers.”The beaver problem is so widespread that Poley Mountain cannot get water from their own retention pond. Poley Mountain is actually bringing in water at a higher cost from another site because they can’t beat the beavers. While there’s plenty of natural snow for skiing with flare, the beavers keep clogging up the water pipes and may cause difficulties when it’s time to extend the snow season into spring.

...and you thought the "Snow Bunnies" were trouble!

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