No, Randy Quaid was not revisiting his Independence Day role as a drunken pilot dusting the wrong crops, but that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this story.   

According to a report, officials in Blackfoot, Idaho organized a contest in which 3,000 specially marked ping pong balls would be dropped on a crowd in an open field.  Most of the balls could be redeemed for candy, but some of the ping pong balls had special markings entitling the holder to valuable gift certificates.

Organizers have held this same promotion in years past, however, this year they employed a new pilot. Somehow, this flyer didn't quite grasp the wind resistance that occurs on ping pong balls once released from the plane.   When the balls fell short of their mark and came down on a nearby interstate, some of the crowd started making their way to the busy highway.  However, those in charge quickly turned them back.  People diving for ping pong balls on a busy interstate is just not a good idea.


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