The customer may always be right. But that's no reason to get the police involved.

A man in Albany, Georgia was arrested last month after he called the emergency dispatch service to report the horrible crime of not getting all the food he ordered at McDonald’s.

Larenzo Riggins said he had ordered seven McDoubles, a McChicken and an order of fries, but didn’t notice he only got six McDoubles until he got into his truck. He walked back into the restaurant to get his final burger, but claimed an employee “was trying to get an attitude with me and I said I’m going to call the police.”

True to his word, Riggins did just that. Officers arrived on the scene and hauled him to jail for abusing 911.

He claims he had no idea he was “misusing 911” and still feels he got the short of the stick, noting, “I want justice, I want to be treated like a person with respect and any other person with respect.”

Of course, we get the sense the only thing a guy who orders seven McDonald's is going to be treated with is a stethoscope after he winds up in the hospital.


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