There will be a lot of country stars at the 2016 CMA Awards, but Brett Eldredge won't be one of them. The singer says he's Country Music's Biggest Night for a different kind of big night: the World Series.

It's no secret that Eldredge is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan and, after their big Tuesday night (Nov. 1) win, they forced a decisive game seven in the World Series. The only problem — at least, for a country singer — is that Game 7 falls on Wednesday (Nov. 2), the same night as the 50th anniversary of the CMA Awards.

"So a lot of people been wondering ... 50th CMAs and Cubs are going to the World Series and it's been 100 and something years. Which one do you do? Which one do you do?" Eldredge asks fans rhetorically via Snapchat. "It's been my family's dream from my grandparents all the way down to my father and my brother and I and my whole family to go to the World Series."

His excitement is undeniable as he exclaims that they're going to the World Series and could win it all in just a few hours. His dates for the game? Eldredge showed via Snapchat that he'll be in good company, bringing his dad and brother along for the fun.

Eldredge isn't nominated for any 2016 CMA Awards, but he'll still be missed. The show will air live from Nashville beginning at 8PM ET on ABC on Nov. 2.

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