This past weekend, I found myself in the crowd of Lumberjacks in Homer Bryce Stadium for the SFA vs. McNeese football game. As I looked down onto the field, there was the SFA logo, the traditional Texas outline with the three stair-step letters looking up at me from the 50-yard line. Every time I see that logo, it always seems to be missing something.

I came to SFA as a full-time student in August 2012. By this time, the logo had already underwent changes that removed the red border, leaving the logo that you see above. It now consists of purple, white, and grey.

SFA Logo

Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of pride for this logo. However, I wish that SFA would bring back the red border around the letters. It was always there in the logo as I was growing up. I guess you could call it an accent color.

SFA Old Logo

Also, on a side note, we saw what happened when SFA tried a completely new logo that didn't look ANYTHING like the original one...why not go back to one that everyone was already a fan of?

Now, I'm curious. How many of you remember the old SFA logo, and wouldn't mind seeing it changed back?

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