Those Butterball Turkey Hotline operators have their work cut out for them.  Not only are they answering questions about the proper roasting temp, but they're also responding to questions about whether it's okay to carve the bird with a chainsaw.  Seriously?

Here are some of the weirdest questions Butterball operators have had to answer.

One caller wanted to put golden brown bikini lines on the bird to make it a tropical turkey, so the operator helped strategically place the aluminum foil to make that happen.  All that work for a split second, right before it's carved.  Hope they got an Instagram pic.

One guy cut his turkey in half with a chainsaw and wanted to know if the oil from the chain would have a negative impact on the bird.  Umm....Gross!!  It probably had a negative impact on his marriage.

Another person couldn't find the breast of the turkey, and the operator helped her figure out the bird was upside down.  The breast appeared once it was flipped over. Oops.  Shouldn't that be on the troubleshooting tips, before calling the hotline?

If you get stuck next Thursday wondering how to survive the holiday after forgetting to thaw the bird three days ahead of time, you're not alone.  That's the most common question they get, and they'll help get you out of that mess.  No chainsaw necessary.

The Butterball Hotline is spreading out this year to social media, so you'll be able to live chat on Facebook and Twitter if you want.  Now, can we get a hotline for the pumpkin pie?

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