Many folks see Memorial day as the unofficial start to the Summer. With a lot of us celebrating our kids' and grand-kids' graduations, or just getting together to barbecue with friends, it isn't unreasonable to assume you'll have a few drinks along with the festivities.

We partnered with the Lufkin Sheriff's department, and the Law Office of Lisa Flournoy to promote safe and responsible celebrating not only through the weekend, but always.

We know that simply saying "Don't drink and drive," won't always work, and that's why we try to find fun ways to spread the message. This time around, we're going to get our hands on some vision impairment goggles (Better known as "Beer Goggles") to make a Share this with your loved ones as a fun and friendly reminder

Last year, somebody had the bright idea to have us drink to test how little alcohol it took to blow over the .08 limit. We had to stick around the station after hours in order to sober up enough to go home, so we weren't all fans of that method.

Also as a reminder, texting or distracted driving can be just as dangerous as driving while impaired, so be sure to focus on the road while behind the wheel.