The Memorial Day Holiday Weekend is upon us.  First and foremost, this is a time to remember and salute those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and liberty.  It's also a 3-day weekend and that tends to mean cookouts, traveling, good times...and drinking alcoholic beverages.   


Today, the KICKS 105 DJs are teaming up with the Angelina County Sheriffs Department and Attorney Lisa Flournoy to shed some light on just how quickly you can be considered under the influence.  Danny Merrell, Sean Ericson, and Steve Rixx will be drinking beer and other alcoholic drinks, and along the way Sheriff Greg Sanches will be administering breathalyzer tests.

We will doing breaks on the air updating the results, and hopefully painting a picture of just how little alcohol it takes to move the needle on your blood alcohol content.  The bottom line is we want to discourage anyone from drinking any amount of alcohol and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Obviously, none of the DJs will be allowed to drive until they are completely sober.