Chris Young darkens his stamp as country music's most reliable romancer with his new single 'I Can Take It From There.' The uptempo lover is reminiscent of 'Gettin' You Home,' but not quite that sexy.

'I Can Take It From There' is the start of a fun night in. Young doesn't stray from his traditional delivery, and the production falls in line with the previous three singles from 'Neon.' The singer shows restraint in not unleashing his deep and dangerous growl at the end of every phrase, but does so enough to warm up the room.

"Ain't nothin going on in town tonight / Except the loud party crowd drinking too much beer / So baby tell me would it be all right / If we just take a little rain check and stay right here / I'm sure we could find something to do / As a matter of fact, baby why don't you," Young sings, setting the stage in the first verse.

At two minutes and thirty seconds, there's no time to find serious fault with 'I Can Take It From There.' The chorus is catchy and clever. "Grab a couple glasses and a bottle of wine / Walk down the hall and turn down the lights / And baby while you're at it  / You might as well let down your hair / And I can take it from there," he sings.

It's a perfect radio track, but it's not one of the best three Chris Young songs of all time. The tempo takes a little sizzle out of the fire, and the lyrics are good, but not spectacular. That said, 'I Can Take It From There' is one worth hearing over and over again this fall and winter, which will likely happen when radio gets a hold of it.

3.5 Stars

Listen to Chris Young, 'I Can Take It From Here'

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