Chris Young is taking a month-long break from drinking — or at least, that’s the goal. The ‘Tomorrow’ hitmaker shared via his Twitter page that he’s inciting No Alcohol December following the ever-popular No Shave November, which means he won’t drink until after Christmas.

“No alcohol December sounds not as fun right about now haha #day1of6invegastonight #notagoodplannerhere,” Young tweeted Saturday, which resulted in an overwhelming reaction from his 60,000 followers. “Surprised on how much sh– I’m getting on twitter for saying I’m NOT drinking this much haha,” he added later, telling one fan who asked what the point of his goal was that it’s “just because. Don’t worry, will start back after Christmas.”

But being that Young is currently visiting the City of Sin, it seems he may have given into temptation. Okay, make that peer pressure. “Sooo… At least for today that’s a scratch on the no drinking,” the ‘You’ singer spilled, thanking his country music pals Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert for ruining his no drinking run just three days in. “In the meantime, about ready to see the @PistolAnnies kick some Vegas a–!”

Oh well, perhaps it’s best that New Year’s resolutions be saved for the new year, anyhow. At least Young is having fun with friends in Vegas, even if they are a bad influence!