The newly formed band seems to be impressing old ragweed and new departed fans alike.

When I heard the news that Cross Canadian Ragweed was going to "take a break" from the music scene, I was somewhat shocked and disappointed. With songs like 'This Time Around' and '17', they had been entertaining fans of Texas Country music for years.

I wasn't surprised when I heard Cody Canada, and bass player Jeremey Plato, got together and formed another group, but I was optimistic. I kept telling people, there is no way this new band could be as good as the original Ragweed. Well once again I was wrong.

Cody Canada and The Departed have released a new single and it seems to be pleasing old and new fans alike. Their new single, 'Ballad of Rosalie', peaked at the number one spot on the Texas Music Chart this week. That is a two-spot jump from the number three spot they held last week. So congratulations Cody Canada and The Departed on your new hit!

If you haven't heard them play, check out this video!