Thursday, March 22nd, crews will begin installing foundations and service poles for what will be new school zone flashing beacons on Loop 224 at Regents Academy in Nacogdoches.   

The new school zone designation has been approved by the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Nacogdoches and will become operational once power is connected within the next week or two.

The flashing beacons, once activated and flashing, will signal the enforcement of a 35-mile-per-hour speed limit within the school zone on Loop 224 from mile marker 10.2 to mile marker 10.5. When lights are not flashing, the speed limit will remain at 55 miles-per-hour in both directions. Motorists are urged to be cautious and alert once the school zone beacons are activated.

This is an active TxDOT work zone. Motorists should be prepared for possible delays during work hours and be prepared to move over into another lane while workers and equipment are working near the roadway. If no other lane is available, motorists are required to reduce speed by 20 miles per hour below the posted speed limit.

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