According to a release from the Lufkin Police Department, a Big’s convenience store clerk at 1902 S. First St. found a card skimmer inside one of the store’s gas pumps Monday, specifically, pump number 6. The pump inspector told the responding officer that the skimmer had been installed incorrectly and was not allowing customers to input their PINs. It is unknown if the device was still capturing and transmitting card numbers.

The clerk told the officer she had last checked the pump on 6/20 and then noticed she couldn't get into the pump on 6/23 due to the suspect placing a screw through the top of the pump door.

If you used your card at the location between 6/20 and 6/25, we recommend contacting your bank to be issued a new debit card number. Also watch your bank account closely for any unauthorized charges.

Due to this issue, some gas stations in town have chosen to install tamper-evident stickers. They then have employees check the stickers daily. Other store owners have opted to have their employees perform pump security checks twice a day. Lufkin Police recommend either of these steps to gas station owners as a best practice to ensure the financial safety of their customers.

Last May, a store employee at this same Big’s location discovered a skimmer inside one of the pumps, leading to unauthorized bank charges for a number of customers.

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