A Florida dad wanted to make sure that he stayed within the dictates of the law when it comes to corporal punishment so he called police to his home to supervise the paddling of his 12 year old daughter.   

According to a report, Dale Garcia had returned home to find his two daughters fighting with each other.  He decided to spank one of the girls, however, she reportedly told her dad that he would be guilty of child abuse if he did so. Garcia decided to counter that by calling the Okeechobee Sheriff's Department and asking them to send over an officer to witness the spanking.

An officer arrived a few minutes later and Garcia was advised that paddling is allowed as a form of discipline, but Garcia asked the policeman to supervise the spanking so that there would be no possible rebuttal from his daughter...pun intended.

Garcia administered a total of 4 swats with a paddle and the matter was considered closed by the local police.

What do you think of the way this father handled the situation?

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