I am the proud father of three children. I've tried my best through the years to nurture and love them. My wife and I practiced the art of give and take in raising our kids. Whether it was changing diapers, helping with homework, or nursing a broken heart, it was a team effort to be there for our little ones.

Some Things, A Dad Just Does Better

Even though there were a lot of sharing duties when it came to parenting, there are just some things a dad usually does better than a mom.

For instance,

  • Pretending to be the big hairy bear when reading Goldilocks
  • Teaching your kid to take a 40 mph dodgeball to the face
  • Making up words that sound like swearing, but they're not
  • Doing a cannonball into the swimming pool
  • Scaring to death your daughter's first date
  • And, of course...

Dad Jokes

It even has our name on it.

I'm not sure exactly how Dad Jokes first originated or when they started being called that. I remember my father attempting one-liners and jokes that would fall under the category of Dad Jokes, but they weren't called that back in the day.

I think it's a case of dad evolution. Over time, moms kept discouraging dads from teaching kids how to belch loud enough to wake the dog, and pass gas and then blame the dog.

So, I think it's a case of 'pull my finger' evolving into a more acceptable form of masculine behavior called the Dad Joke.

Customizing for East Texas

I have put together 13 Dad Jokes that are tailored specifically for the Pineywoods. Ingest them as you would a fine bottle of wine. Then, if you have any others customized for East Texas, feel free to send them along.

Best Dad Jokes About East Texas

For those that like to groan and shake their head over terrible dad jokes, we've come up with a few that are specific to east Texas.

The Strongest Earthquakes in East Texas History

Here's a look (in no particular order at some of the strongest earthquakes in East Texas in modern history. Some of these tremors were centered in East Texas, while the epicenters of other quakes were in neighboring states, but the effects were felt in East Texas.




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