Drugs can affect the way someone acts and they can affect what a person says.  Sometimes, those things said can make for an interesting read. 

According to a report from the Lufkin Police Department, Sir John Oliphant, 38, was arrested on a charge of public intoxication after a report that he had threatened a woman during a disturbance. Officers found Oliphant in a nearby parking lot in the 1000 Block of Kurth Drive and when asked what he had taken.  He said "Waka Flocka Flame." He then admitted to having alcohol earlier in the day. When the officer attempted to check Oliphant's eyes, Oliphant asked him "What are you looking for, Donald Trump?"

Gerardo "Lalo" Meraz, 19, was arrested on a charge of public intoxication in the 800 Block of South Timberland after he told a group of people that he had just been shot and then ran away. Meraz cooperated after being cornered by officers. As the officer handcuffed him, he said "You know what's funny? This is the moment you realize you've got to stop doing drugs. Yes sir I just realized what the ... I just did and I'm not doing drugs no more." He then told the officer he had "tripped out" on K2 and that he hadn't really been shot. The man continued to be extremely cooperative, telling officers "(expletive) drugs and do what your momma tells you."