The 32nd Annual Sassafras Festival takes place this Saturday, October 22 in downtown San Augustine. The event features numerous fun family events and activities.  I'll get to a rundown of the events in just a moment, but first...

Where Did The Name Sassafras Come From?

Sassafras is just one of those fun words to say. I believe every day you should try to say a fun word like cattywampus, hullaballoo, or labradoodle. I may not know what the word means, but that's never stopped me before.

I was really hoping that there was some sort of crazy and fun story that went along with the origin of the word 'sassafras'. It sounds like a made-up word from the frontier days.  "Don't give me any of your sassafras, or else. But, according to this source, the word is a corruption of the Spanish word for Saxifrage, a large plant genus.

Sassafras Fun Fact

Did you know that early root beer drinks included sassafras extract?

Now, Back to the Sassafras Festival

Make your way to downtown San Augustine this Saturday for all kinds of fun, food, and family entertainment. Some of the featured attractions and events include:

  • Classic Car "Shine & Show"
  • Walk to End Alzheimer's
  • Fudge Making Contest
  • Rae Estes BBQ Cookoff
  • Photography Contest
  • Live entertainment
  • Arts & Crafts Vendors
  • San Augustine High School Grand Reunion
  • Food and items from vendors and downtown merchants

There will also be a Halloween costume contest for kids ages birth to 17. Registration for that begins at 10 am with the contest to follow at 10:30.

For more details on all things sassafras, contact the San Augustine Chamber of Commerce at (936)275-3610.


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