Brandon Belt is known by many as the starting first baseman for the past dozen or so years for the San Francisco Giants.  Others may associate him as the founder of Brandon Belt Fishing which recently put on a huge team fishing tournament on Lake Sam Rayburn.  Still, others may know him as the guy that's responsible for people in East Texas going absolutely bonkers trying to find hidden cash prizes with the East Texas Scavenger Hunt.

Maybe you know him as the Captain.

Towards the end of last year's Major League Baseball season, before a game with the Chicago Cubs, Belt used some black tape and put a big makeshift 'C' on his uniform designating him as the Alpha Male and unofficial Captain of the Giants.  It was all done in jest, of course, but Belt's personification as the 'Captain' is still getting mileage.

The San Francisco Giants had their home opener for the 2022 season on Friday afternoon at Oracle Park.  Just before the game, the ballpark speakers started blaring the music from 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and then appearing from the outfield fences was a truck towing a boat with none other than 'Captain Belt' standing at the wheel of the boat throwing out baseballs to the fans.

The boat made its way halfway through the stadium before Belt disembarked and headed to the pitcher's mound to throw out the ceremonial first pitch of the game and of the season. By the way, Brandon belted a home run in that first game of the year.

Way to go, Brandon!  When he comes back to East Texas after the season is over maybe the Captain will put the prize in a boat somewhere.

See videos of the 'Captain's' entrance, his home run, and more here


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