Tonight could be another one of those East Texas nights where you go to bed with the air conditioning on, and then wake up looking for an extra blanket while switching the thermostat over to heat.  Another one of those pesky cold fronts will be moving through the Pineywoods tonight.

By sunrise on Wednesday, area temperatures are expected to have dropped into the 50s, but instead of rising throughout the day, the mercury is expected to inch lower throughout the day.  That means that by early afternoon on Wednesday, a number of locations across Deep East Texas could be into the upper 40s.  That's quite the disparity after reaching near 85 on Tuesday.

A chilly rain is also possible throughout the day on Wednesday.  In fact, rain chances will continue through Saturday as the temperatures will continue to play mind games with us.  We are expected to reach back into the 60s on Thursday, only to dip near freezing Thursday night across parts of the Pineywoods. That means that wintry precipitation such as freezing rain is not out of the question, especially as you get into Cherokee, Rusk, Shelby Counties, and other points northward.

Friday and Saturday, we will have highs near 50 and lows into the 30s, with a continued chance of precipitation, hopefully, the liquid form. For what it's worth, Spring officially arrives on March 20.  Of course, that's usually just another reason for the weather to say 'hold my drink and watch this'.

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