The 'Elfies' are starting to roll in

In case you're wondering, an Elfie is a Christmas-themed selfie or just a holiday-themed photo. It can be a picture of you, your friends and family, your pets, decorations, whatever.

An Elfie can be cute, silly, serious, and something that leaves us questioning whether or not you are from this planet.

Two main reasons for having our KICKS 105 Elfies contest

The first reason is we just want to have some holiday fun and share that with others. The second reason is that we have teamed up with Truss & Son Plumbing and want to award someone a $500 VISA Gift Card.

According to recent studies, between gifts, decorations, and items for holiday gatherings, American families will spend somewhere in the neighborhood of $1,000 for Christmas. So, an extra $500 in your pocket could sure help offset some of the holiday bills.

Send Us Your Elfies Soon

elfie four
Elfie two
elfie one

As you can see, we've been getting some great Elfies so far. There is still plenty of time to send yours. We will continue to accept Elfies through December 17. But, as we get closer to Christmas, things tend to get a little more hectic, and we don't want you to forget to send us your Elfie.

So, gather your friends and family together and take some fun photos, or convince some of your co-workers to take crazy holiday pic with you, or completely aggravate your pet by dressing him or her in some sort of Christmas wear. Your dog or cat may not be happy about it, but winning $500 can wipe away some of that guilt. 

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