The father of a four-year-old leukemia survivor will not sign off on a trip to Disney World as part of a Make-A-Wish “gift” since he feels that it would be an improper use of donations. His reasoning? The little girl is cured.

McKenna May, of Ohio, endured cancer treatments, including painful procedures like 15 spinal taps, chemotherapy and several hospitalizations over a two-year period. She is currently in remission, so her father William May will not approve the trip. Make-A-Wish requires both parents to sign off on requests.

McKenna’s mother, Whitney Hughes, and grandmother, Lori Helppie, have now pulled their request and are collecting money via donation jars placed around their community in order to make the little girl’s dream come true. They feel she deserves the trip after all she’s endured. They are hoping to raise $3,500 to fund the trip.

“It’s all she’s talked about for the last three months,” said her mother. “The important thing is to get her there,” Helppie said. “She loves Mickey Mouse. She loves Cinderella.” The family plans to drive rather than fly to keep things cost-effective.

They also claim that May is being spiteful and trying to get back at them over his visitation rights. He did comment on the custody situation, saying, “I wasn’t allowed to be involved. It ticked me off. Sounds like that could be his motive for not signing off. McKenna’s mother and grandmother feel May is making it about himself, not his daughter.

May, who probably won’t be getting any ‘Father of the Year’ votes in the court of public opinion, is against using the money for a child “free and clear” of illness. He said, “I think it should go to kids who only have six months to live.” However, Susan McConnell of the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana arm of Make-A-Wish disagrees, noting McKenna does indeed qualify since she has gone through so much pain with her illness.

Anyone wishing to donate to McKenna’s trip may send donations to 5/3 Bank, 275 South Main Street, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402, (419) 354-9531 to the benefit account for McKenna May.

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