The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Department (NCSO) is advising motorists that NO THRU TRAFFIC signs have been posted on County Road 467 (Nacalina Road) in Etoile. This is due to three separate areas where water has crossed over the roadway. Because of this flood issue, water is deteriorating the road which is causing more issues for residents in the Nacalina Subdivision. These issues could possibly continue until March.

According to a NCSO press release, there have been several people who are traveling thru this area simply to see the situation. The road is closed and anyone who does not live in this subdivision is requested not stay off this roadway. . Sheriff's Deputies will increase patrols in this area and anyone caught using this roadway (who does not live in this area) will be stopped and possibly cited.

The Sheriff's Department is taking these steps to help minimize the amount of traffic on the roadway that will help preserve the road and most importantly keep the public safe. Nacogdoches County is monitoring the situation daily, anyone that lives in this subdivision that needs assistance is asked to contact the Nacogdoches County Sheriff’s Office. The Road and Bridge Department is doing everything possible to keep the road operational.

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