Up and Down

Grayson Rodriguez made his Major League Baseball debut on April 5 against the Texas Rangers. On May 26, the rookie Baltimore hurler from Central Heights once again faced the Rangers.

Rodriguez started 10 games for the Orioles during that time. He had good and bad outings. Unfortunately, in May, the bad outweighed the good and Rodriguez was sent back to Triple-A Norfolk to work at re-establishing his mechanics, confidence, and previous dominance.

How Did Grayson Respond?

Getting reassigned to the Minors after spending time at the Big Dance can be a major blow to one's confidence and psyche, as I'm sure it was to Rodriguez. But, the old cliche comes to mind, 'When the going gets tough, the tough get going.'

Grayson Rodriguez not only 'got going', but he also found a turbo gear. He was just named the International League’s Pitcher of the Month. In five June starts, Rodriguez went 4-0 with a 2.22 ERA (leading the league in that stat). In those games, he struck out 39 batters while walking 12.

Ironically, Grayson's only no-decision in June was his best outing. On July 4th, he struck out 12, gave up no runs, and didn't walk a batter in 6 innings of work.

Now, That's Integrity and Character

Grayson Rodriguez got knocked down and there were several roads he could have chosen. It's a testament to his character that he has shown such immediate resolve and fortitude to put up these kinds of statistics.

That's a road that many believe will put him on the fast track back to the Majors. This is not the exact path to the Majors and back that Rodriguez had envisioned, but his toughness can not be questioned.

Final Thoughts

I believe that Grayson needed a quick reboot, a change in perspective can work wonders if handled and embraced the correct way. Rodriguez and the Baltimore top brass look to be doing this the right way, especially if you look at the recent numbers.

No pressure intended, but Baltimore needs Grayson's best to make the playoffs. The Orioles are one of the best teams in Major League Baseball, but they just so happen to be competing in the best division in the league. Every team in the American League East has a winning record.

Rodriguez has proven his toughness, character, and high-level talent. Now, Grayson needs to add confident consistency when he re-enters the Majors. His dominating numbers this past month in Norfolk are a very positive sign.

Grayson Rodriguez Major League Debut

Grayson Rodriguez who played high school baseball at Central Heights made his Major League debut on April 5, 2023, pitching against the Texas Rangers.

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