Robbers thought they were going to have some easy picking, but these thieves were barking up the wrong tree when they broke into the Pet Beauty Shop on Highway 103 in Lufkin.

Early Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 people broke into the shop, stole a few items, and did some damage. That would be bad enough if they hadn't left all of the doors open when they left.

With the shop doors wide open, dogs were able to leave the building. I can just imagine these fur babies leaving the shop afraid.

All Of The Little Dogs Were Found Safe 

Due to the dedicated staff at the Pet Beauty Shop, pet owners, and God's guidance, every one of the pooches is accounted for. That might be the only thing saving these two robbers from a harsher sentence if caught.

Watch the video below and see if you can help the Pet Beauty Shop identify the people that broke in. You can see when they set off the alarm that they got out of there pretty quickly.

You can hear the thieves start saying, "Go go go," right at the end of the video. I don't really understand why the smaller one would open that door to the outside and not leave through it.

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Contact The Angelina County Sheriff's Department With Leads 

These thieves broke into a place that brings so much joy to all the pet parents in East Texas and not only caused damage, but they also put the pets' lives in danger.

If you have any information please contact the ACSO at 936-634-3331 or the Pet Beauty Shop at 936-634-2016.

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