Cali and Maya here have been missing since last Friday morning at 11:00 AM.

UPDATE: 4/13/2017 (If you have missing animals in the East Texas area, send all information to our digital managing editor at

If approached, they may run. If you see these babies, please call (936) 404-5785 so the owners can get their family back together.

They are blue nose American pit bulls have no history of violence. They are afraid and need to find their way home. Any assistance in this matter would be most appreciated.

They were last seen in Lufkin around Tuesday night around 9 PM between Cimmarron St. behind the First Christian Church near the radio station. According to Missing Pet Partnership research along with what the owners told us about the dogs witnessing their sister shot by a stranger, the dogs are in blind panic mode and will continue to run. This puts them approximately in a 5-7 mile radius from where they were last seen.


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