If you've got a holiday gift exchange coming up at the office there are ways to really mess that up!  But here are some tips to save you some headaches.  And perhaps some embarrassment.

The experts say we should avoid making gifts for co-workers too personal. Bob in accounting might have confided in us that he really loves to collect Disney Princesses, but the whole office doesn't need to know that and getting him a Frozen doll for the office gift exchange might make everyone feel funny.

Another tip is to avoid funny gifts.  Not everyone will get the humor, and again it can embarrass the receiver.  And if the receiver happens to be the boss, that probably won't work to our advantage.

Should the office gift exchange have a cap?  Absolutely.  Set a price limit, the experts say, so there's no pressure to spend big bucks, and nobody gets the shaft.  All gifts are created equal, in terms of price anyway.

Feelings at the office can be touchy, and the last thing we want is to start a grudge match that carries into the next year, just because we're bad holiday gift givers.  Simple, generic, and not too pricey seems to be the rule of thumb. Boring, maybe!  But at least the boat is not rocked and we all have jobs next year.

How about a $25 cap and we all get each other gift cards from various places?  That may be the easiest, most fair, best idea yet.

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