What are your secrets about how to stay healthy around germy kids and co-workers this fall?  Let's spill 'em.My mom always used to tell me as a kid to put a coat on when I went outside in the cold and if I didn't, I would get sick.  Does getting a cold or the flu really have anything to do with cold weather?  She and I still get into arguments about it, and I say it's all germs.  She says the cold weather makes people sick. And then I say yes, because it causes us to huddle up together inside where there are germs!

What are your secrets to avoid getting sick?  I pop vitamins all year and rarely get sick, but if I feel a sniffle coming on or a scratchy throat, I'll pop an extra zinc/garlic/vitamin C combo and that seems to help chase away whatever was bothering me or shorten the length of it.  Of course ask your doctor cuz I'm no medical expert, but this has been my go-to cold chaser for years and it works for me.  Except that time last year when I got the flu and then pneumonia.  But that's another story.

The experts at Men's Health have come up with some tips about how to stay healthy this fall and winter. See if these work for ya.

Stop touching your face.  Little droplets of gunk in the air and on surfaces can get right up your nose and in your mouth once you put your hands there.  Ew.  Those eye itches will have to wait.

Get plenty of sleep.  Whatever.

Hit the gym.  People who exercise five or more days a week take up to 46 percent fewer sick days than people who only exercise one day or less per week.  Cool! Provided that we disinfect the weights after the last sweaty germ-carrier used them I'm sure.

Hug it out.  Hugging is social support, and the good vibes can boost the immune system.  Stress increases the risk of getting sick.

It's kinda fun to take a sick day once in awhile and lie on the couch and watch Netflix, so I'm sorry to ruin it with all of this pro-active stuff.

But now you have something in your arsenal besides hand sanitizer. And a coat.

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