The startling video has been seen by tens of thousands of people, going viral the past 24 hours and it's absolutely fascinating. A red truck in Elgin, TX was flipped over twice by a tornado, then just drove away. Watch here.

Of course everyone in Texas has been wondering what happened to the driver. Is this person ok? It turns out the young man only suffered minor injuries. And the driver is in fact a young man, police said they believe he’s in his late teens or 20s.

Ruben Briones, who said he helped the driver of the pickup shortly after the harrowing experience tells KXAN that “[the driver] was in shock; he was crying. He told me it was scary,” said Briones.

Commander Aaron Crim of the Elgin Police Department reported that the young driver “had a scrape or some cuts on his left arm." Crim also clarifies to KXAN that he spoke with the driver shortly after the tornado hit. “I asked if he was okay, and he shook his head and didn’t really answer me. I’m sure he was scared to death.”

What a relief to see the young driver is at least physically fine. You may have seen someone turned the clip into a Chevy Truck commercial, adding Bob Seeger's "Like a Rock." It actually lines up perfectly. Give it a watch:

Truly the most dependable longest lasting trucks on the road. Ok, y'all be safe out there.

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