I have always thought McDonald's Coca Cola tasted better than any other fountain Coke, also better than Coke in bottles or cans and certainly from plastic bottles. I thought it was just me until some family members brought up the subject and we all agreed. Have you felt Coke at the Rainbow Room was better than anywhere else? It really is and here's why.

It has to do with the water, syrup storage and temperature.

Tap water is not all alike. But when Mac's gets hold of it, it is filtered twice and chilled. When it hits a cup of ice (which is also made from the filtered water), it is as clean as possible. McDonald's also uses this same super clean water to give their coffee great flavor.

The syrup is the second element. Mickey sells a LOT of coke. They use a lot of syrup. Coke sends the same formula syrup to every restaurant in the world; but at most restaurants it comes in plastic bags encased in cardboard boxes. However, McDonald's uses so much that it's delivered in metal containers about the size of a water heater.  The taste of the syrup is better because of the metal and because it's delivered fresh every few weeks.


The tubes carrying the syrup and water are cleaned frequently so the taste is as pure as possible. The other reason McDonald's Coke is so delicious is temperature.

The syrup and carbonated water is chilled to just above freezing. When this super cold mix hits the pure ice, there's very little ice melt so the flavor is almost pure Coke. There's also that big fat straw that helps you suck down a whole cup before there's any melted ice to dilute the flavor.


This is not a commercial for Coke. If you feel some other restaurant or brand has a better flavor, please make a comment. If you agree with me that Micky D's Coke is the best, please say that below too.  Meanwhile, have a Coke.