The sexy festive outfit, the baby diaper costume, and the pop-star-wardrobe-malfunction will probably be bigger hits at that rowdy Halloween night party with friends, than they will be at work.  How do we wear something awesome to the Halloween party at work without embarrassing ourselves?

The best ideas are usually the ones where the character is already wearing business attire.  You could be a mafia ring-leader and rough up a suit and tie a little bit -- just don't carry a gun.  Ladies could be a librarian and make use of that conservative-looking retro suit that's been sitting in the closet.  Either way, if you have to lead an important meeting at work that day, you're at least sort of dressed for the occasion, and not trying to take charge of the room and make serious points while you're wearing a baby diaper and carrying a rattle.  Costumes can be tricky.

Then there are the funny ones, like a Sriracha hot sauce t-shirt and green hat so you look like the bottle, the subway pizza rat who gained Youtube fame carrying off a slice that was bigger than he was, and the timeless Napoleon Dynamite costume if you can get your hands on a "Vote for Pedro" shirt.  Those seem to be fair game at work and won't land you on social media "oops" posts.

What if you don't want to dress up at all, but everyone else is on board and there's pressure?  You could always show up in your pj's and tell everyone you're dressed as the "chronic oversleeper."  How many chances do you get to totally veg out and still get points with the boss?

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