U.S. News and World Report has released its yearly rankings of high schools in America as well as breaking them down state by state. Some of the factors that they base these rankings on include college readiness, math and reading proficiency, and teacher to student ratio. 

The number one ranked school in America just happens to be in Texas.  The School for the Gifted and Talented which is based in Dallas as ranked as number one in the nation, and, of course, number one in the state of Texas.  Most of the schools that ranked in the top ten in Texas were based in either Dallas or Houston.

Several categories of rankings are given.  Those schools that are judged among the best are given a gold rating as well as a state and national ranking.  No schools in Deep East Texas achieved that.

A silver rating as well as a state and national ranking are given to high schools that are not necessarily at the same level as the gold rated schools, but still performing at a high level.  Only 3 high schools in the area received a silver - Hudson, Lufkin, and Cushing.

Hudson High School received silver and ranked 143rd in the state and 1,572nd nationally.

Hudson high school

Lufkin High School ranked 177th statewide and 2,030th nationally.

lufkin high school

And Cushing High School ranked 181st in Texas and 2,055th nationwide.

cushing isd
cushing isd

A bronze rating is given to those schools in the next tier, but no associated numerical ranking is given.  High schools such as Woden, Garrison, and Huntington received bronze recognition.

You can type in names of area high schools here to find out how they fared.

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