There's a garage rock feel to Hunter Hayes' "Yesterday Song" that immediately makes you look up from whatever you're trying to focus on. The 25-year-old's new song relies on razor-sharp guitar work and a hook that would be illegal if it were a narcotic.

It's addictive. Hayes is unlikely to be throwing shade at another singer or song in his first single in 15 months. "Yesterday's Song" is a love song, or more specifically a driving, anthemic, hand-to-the-face ex-love song. That metaphor is hidden behind an absolute wall of sound, but the production isn't as progressive as much of what one hears on the radio. It's loud, but not intimidating.

More than anything, Hayes sounds like he's having more fun than he's had since songs on his first album. There's some new spontaneity that results in a less perfect, but more enjoyable first single from a new album. Maybe it's his girlfriend. Maybe it's the haircut. Hunter Hayes is hot again in 2016.

Did You Know?: "Yesterday's Song" is one of three songs Hayes released to fans on Soundcloud in September. The others were "Amen" and "Young Blood."

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Hunter Hayes' "Yesterday's Song" Lyrics:

"Oh, I used to sing it / And I used to crank it with the windows down / I used to love it / Oh, but I'm over it, I'm over it now / I used to leave it playin' on repeat / I spun the record 'til it turned on me / The DJ knows exactly what I need / I am out with the old in with a new beat."

"You were the rooftop on the top of my lungs / Blowin' the speakers in the back of my truck / And you had your chance, yeah, but I'm movin' on / And now it's just yesterday's song, yesterday's song / The soundtrack, every night in my bed / You were the woo-ooh gettin' stuck in my head / Now you're just an echo when the feeling is gone / Baby, now you're just yesterday's song, yesterday's song."

"We had a moment / There's no more magic in the melody / It's lost and you know it / It's just the sound of what we used to be / Yeah, I used to leave it playin' on repeat / I spun the record 'til it turned on me / The DJ knows exactly what I need / A little dancin' could be good for me."

"I got a whole new 'Hey' (hey) / I got a brand new wooh (hey) / I got new moves, I got old moves / I got a new song I wanna sing to you / I'm gonna get by, I'm gonna get through without you."

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