Two Important Things to Know About Hurricane Beryl

  1. It's way out in there in the Atlantic Ocean. If it does hold together and stays on its predicted path, it's not expected to make it near the Gulf of Mexico until the weekend following the Fourth of July.
  2. Most hurricane models show the storm tracking well to the south and into Mexico. Once again, remember, Beryl is way out there and those models will probably change (modestly or drastically) over the next several days.

The Latest on Hurricane Beryl

At 4 p.m., CST, (6/29) Hurricane Beryl has top sustained winds of 75 mph and it's located about 700 east southeast of Barbados

There are major concerns brewing along the easternmost islands of the Caribbean. Beryl is expected to intensify quickly and grow into a major hurricane by the time it gets to the Windward Islands.


A hurricane warning is now in effect for Barbados.  A hurricane watch is in effect for St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadine Islands, and Grenada. A tropical storm watch is effect for Martinique, Dominica and Tobago.

Residents of Jamaica and the Cayman Islands could be in the path of the storm by July 4th.

What About Texas?

If you're a Dallas Cowboys fan like me, you should understand this analogy.

It's the 4th quarter, Dallas leads by 13 with a minute to go in the game. It looks to be a safe bet that the Cowboys will win the game, but this is Dallas, be ready for disappointment, just in case.

It's kind of the same with Hurricane Beryl. Almost every indicator shows the storm continuing on a westward track to Central America or the Yucatan. However, there are a few models that show a curve northward towards several Gulf States.

These are medium to long-range models, so anyone living along the Texas coastline would be wise to keep a daily watch for the latest on Beryl.

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