The numbers are in for rainfall totals in Angelina County for the 2018 calender year. If you suspect that we got a little more rain than previous years, uh... that would be an understatement. We got more rain in October 2018, than every year since 2010. We got more rain in December than in the past 10 years. Check the monthly totals for Angelina County below.

Angelina County
Angelina County

If your yard is like walking on a wet sponge, you are not alone. All of East Texas has really received a huge amount of rainfall the last three or four months. Epic, insane, most ever rain is really an understatement. The fact that every river isn't flooded in this area is a testament to the amount of undeveloped land in Angelina County.

We are seeing flood stages at all levels. Every time I ask Alexia for the weather, it reminds me that there is a flash flood alert first. I haven't heard her not say that at the start since August! If you have pictures of the flooding, and stories that you would like to share just CLICK HERE. We want to see your rainy day woes and wins. Stay dry out there, it's about to start raining again this weekend.



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