If you've noticed your grocery bill dropping, it may have something to do with a larger trend that's expected to continue.

This is good news for your favorite items that sometimes get a little too pricey.  But why is it happening?

Food prices have been dropping for nine straight months, which is the longest streak since 1960 (not counting 2009 when the economy was tanking).  The experts say it has something to do with the Wal-Mart effect, with lots of retailers across the country warring to get to the bottom to match low prices and attract shoppers.  Ok!  We're attracted.  To all of you.

Stores like Brookshire Brothers aren't just having sales.  They're slashing every-day prices on items and hoping shoppers will notice.  I noticed the price of my favorite granola used to be about two dollars higher than it is now at two or three different stores.  I thought the price before was insane, so I fought my addiction and only bought it rarely.  Now I'm buying it more often because the price seems more fair.  If I get fat on granola I'm blaming the price drop.

Have you noticed a difference on your own grocery bill?  Beef and pork prices have dropped, and the USDA says that trend will continue by as much as ten percent over the next decade.  Grillers unite.  Now you'll have leftover money to spend on chips and dip.  And frosty beverages.

Food is a big part of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and this year is looking extra tasty with the cheap eats.  If you save a hundred bucks on groceries between now and then, that could be a new tablet under the tree.  Yum.

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